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Wardrobe industry: how to solve the delivery date
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Date: 2015-02-10
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Author: 佚名
As a pioneer in the home market customization category, the company's production system management determines the market development of the company. The long delivery period has always been a k...



As a pioneer in the home market customization category, the company's production system management determines the market development of the company. The long delivery period has always been a key issue for custom-made homes, such as delays and even errors in the peak period of the transaction. After market research, the data shows that consumers are most satisfied with the delivery time within seven days, and fifteen days is their tolerance limit. If the company can successfully solve the problem of too long delivery time and improve the management of its production system, it is more conducive to the rapid development of the enterprise.

Delivery time issues force companies to improve the database

According to the survey, the lead time of the general custom enterprise is about 45 days, and the delivery time of the big brand can be controlled within 20 days. However, due to the lack of perfect systematic management of the production of customized furniture, there are often serious problems such as delays or errors. The long delivery period has always been a major obstacle to the development of the custom industry, and it is one of the most concerned after-sales services for consumers. In the 20 years of development of custom-made wardrobes in China, the problem of delivery has not been qualitatively changed. This not only reflects the weakness of China's custom wardrobes, but has also become the biggest obstacle to the rapid development of China's custom wardrobe industry. However, this long delivery period can not help but cause the reflection of experts in the industry, how to solve this serious problem? Through research, companies have found that they need to start from the fundamentals of brand development, improve their production problems, introduce advanced databases, and systematically manage them.

Systematic Management Database - the embodiment of the competitiveness of customized enterprises

For custom homes, different and finished furniture is that they tend to better meet the individual needs of consumers and achieve greater space utilization. The length of the entire delivery cycle from measurement to ordering, production to delivery depends on the company's own ERP production management data system. ERP is an important factor in the core development of each enterprise. It is the systematic management of the entire production process, quality control, post-service system to financial system, material management and control system and procurement system. The perfect management of ERP database is related to the development competitiveness of customized enterprises, and it is an effective embodiment of the comprehensive strength of enterprises in production system and system management.

Systematically manage the database, starting from the order, using intelligent equipment management and automated assembly line production, from store to order management to production workshop, to achieve "three points and one line", so that its production management is fully systematic , automation, reduce human error in the production process.

       The introduction of the database has greatly reduced the delivery cycle for the brand and saved the confidence of consumers. It is a breakthrough in the development of China's custom wardrobe industry.

Enterprises use industry-leading databases to improve management systems

·Novi's home introduces a large database. The first T+3

After more than three years of technical research, Novi has introduced big data marketing and created the industry's first T+3 speed customization mode, the delivery time is greatly shortened, and the panel furniture can be delivered in 4 days at the earliest. The first to achieve a breakthrough. At the same time, the production process uses intelligent equipment and automated assembly lines to reduce the human error of the workers and ensure the quality.

Sophia guarantees 11 days delivery

Sophia promised to deliver the goods after 11 days of receipt of orders from various stores. If there are differences in the distance between the places, the specific problems will be analyzed. At the same time, Sofia introduces or updates a new batch of equipment every year to meet the growing number of orders, basically guaranteeing an 11-day delivery period.

Siniman cooperates with American company to develop ERP system

Siniman combines product design, style, quality, production and storefront services. The PMC department is a core department of Sinman. The ERP system is used in software design. This system runs through various departments of Sniman. It can extract accurate data and distribute the data to fully automated production equipment. In the meantime, many intermediate links are saved, and the efficiency and accuracy are very high.

Conclusion: In the development of custom-made wardrobes in China, the long delivery period is a major obstacle to its rapid development. However, the emergence of database system management has solved this severe problem and made a major breakthrough for the development of the industry. The database greatly shortens the delivery time for the enterprise, enhances its production competitiveness from the qualitative aspect, balances the construction differences between the front and the rear, systematically improves the management process of the enterprise, and improves the service quality of the enterprise.

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