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Furniture industry promotion techniques revealed
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Date: 2015-01-16
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Author: 佚名
Promotional sales are occasional marketing tools used by businesses and businesses, but they have now become obsolete conventional weapons. Due to the large number of furniture companies and brands, a...


Promotional sales are occasional marketing tools used by businesses and businesses, but they have now become obsolete conventional weapons. Due to the large number of furniture companies and brands, and large production capacity, the market competition is fierce. In order to win as many consumers as possible, almost all furniture companies and brands use the promotion to be pervasive. All holidays must be promoted, where major events occur, and important honours must be promoted. Any enterprise, brand or store “birthday” must be promoted. With the purpose of these scorpions, the promotion of the promotion is rampant, and the furniture market is deeply entangled. The quagmire of the sale.

People in the industry are very vocal about the proliferation of promotions, and the harm to the promotion and the impact on the brand and normal marketing, enterprises and businesses have long been aware of, but can not resist the temptation, can not resist loneliness, or active, or passively Stepped into the no return of the promotion. In fact, everyone knows that frequent promotions are tantamount to drinking and quenching thirst, and the promotion is not a life-saving straw in the downturn. The promotion not only triggers a wave of price wars, but also disrupts normal marketing and market order. Individual enterprises and merchants may reduce the cost of products and shoddy and shoddy, which may lead to a greater industry crisis. Only the promotion of the furniture market that can drive some sales, does it also need the transformation of the marketing model?

Promotion, in the end, is the "price war" in the sun, and the promotion has become the spokesperson of the "price war". Some insiders have not vaguely pointed out that the current vicious price competition in the furniture industry has caused the retail price of the terminal to be “kidnapped” by the market. The low price of the consumer is from the dealer, the “price war” is the dealer, and the manufacturer is at a low level. The price competition is the way to survive, which is the "hard injury" of the market. With the normalization of promotion and the trend of “squatting skills”, a new marketing method has emerged, “bargaining”, a promotion method that can meet the psychological needs of consumers, and has become the most eye-catching this year. The marketing highlights, since the birth, should be like the river.

Behind the hot bargaining, it is not difficult to find a hidden rule in furniture products: false discounts on furniture products have become a hidden rule. Some merchants do not understand the consumer's understanding of bathroom products and like the price of bargaining. Taking the method of falsely reporting the price and then selling it at a discount, the price of the furniture product is as confusing as it is, and it is unclear. Consumers don’t understand how deep the “water” of Taowei’s product price is. Instinct often requires a discount, while merchants put the price up, the bargaining space is bigger, and consumers are used to bargaining. Merchants and consumers "win-win": merchants may get more value, and consumer psychological needs are met.

Whether it is a price war or a promotion, the price behind it is unreal, opaque, and runs counter to the price tag. The person in charge of a large store believes that the price tag is the professional ethics and good virtues of all the business personnel, and returns to the basic business philosophy of honest operation, which can give consumers more transparent consumption and shopping experience.

However, the price of the furniture industry is always difficult to implement in the market. According to industry insiders, the crisis of trust triggered by chaotic pricing and low discounts has already affected consumers' purchasing confidence, which will not be conducive to the long-term development of the sanitary industry. However, the manufacturer's explanation is that due to the rising raw materials, labor costs and operating costs of ceramic sanitary ware products, the circulation costs of warehousing, logistics, transportation, etc. are also rising, and ceramic sanitary ware products in different regions are difficult to form a unified market price.

A veteran of the furniture industry said that furniture products, like other non-standard products, inevitably have the gray components of dealers in the sales process, which are the reasons why the standardization of furniture prices is difficult to achieve. From the perspective of consumers, because furniture products as a special commodity, the price-cutting and bargaining habits that have been formed for many years have caused the price of furniture products to suffer from embarrassing prices. Merchants do not give a certain discount or price, and they cannot trade. . Therefore, the merchants also comply with the consumer psychology of this consumer, raise the price, and let consumers bargain. This may also be a major reason for the popularity of the "bargaining session."

Promotion, the sales of furniture can indeed be improved, but this is not a long-term solution, and consumers have become numb to the promotion, so with its promotion, it is better to improve product innovation, service added value, win a good reputation, get rid of the price war The muddy, away from the bitter sea without promotion or sales.

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